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On the occasion of The Italian Glass Weeks happening in Venice 17-25 September 2022, THE POOL NYC presents Oro e d’Arzento, an exhibition devoted to two important materials both in painting and glass: gold and silver.
The show will take place at Palazzo Cesari Marchesi, the Venetian space of the gallery first established in New York, and since 2017 in Milan.

In the Venetian Lagoon the expression “Oro, Benon!” means: “Great!” and it’s a very popular and fun way to say that everything is going very well.
Oro e d’Arzento puts together the work of two artists working with glass, Maria Grazia Rosin and Tristano di Robilant, and five artists from Mongolia, who mainly paint: Baatarzorig Batjargal, Nomin Bold, Esunge, Munkhjargal Munkhuu, Dolgor Serod. The Exhibit offers the opportunity to investigate more thoroughly the complexity and purity of glass processing and the discovery of a new artistic current, based in Mongolia, which gets its origins from the Silk Road.

Gold has been used in different ways for painting and sculpture. Thin sheets of gold and silver are used for the production of gold and silver mosaics. Venetian glass with golden leaf dates back to the second half of the 15th Century.

In Rosin’s work it is evident that the mirrors turn silver (arzento) and the LUX jellies have mirror parts. Rosin’s sculptures are iridescent, brilliant and precious.
In di Robilant’s sculptures the colors used are above all amber, silver, blue, green and dogal red, which recall the golden and colored Byzantine icons and with a strong spiritual charge.

The glass, transparent, therefore pure, recalls the main element of Venice: water.
The works of Mongolian artists, where the use of gold leaf is widespread, as it is widely used in ancient “Thangka” painting, amaze with their creative complexity, ordered chaos and pictorial variety.


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