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“The entire idea of Creativity affects each individual identity who lives in this planet”.

This is the meaning of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Living in Art.

It is a question of the salvation of our Souls. This is our goal when we get to work supporting artists and guarding trees.

OLIO D’ARTISTA is a project conceived by THE POOL NYC Gallery with Giuseppe Stampone, inspired by Joseph Beuys’ Piantagione Paradise.
Always in defense of Nature: defense of Man, Human Values and Creativity.

The label was specially designed by Giuseppe Stampone.

November 2020, Villa Pazzi, Pian de’ Giullari, Firenze

Hand picked Olives; Cold Extraction Extra Virigin Olive Oil.

Olives’ Variety: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio

100% Made In Tuscany

Stampone, an international renowned artist from Abruzzo (his work is in important private collections and museums such as TATE, London, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, MAXXI, Rome, GAMeC, Bergamo) has always been particularly interested in the environment and always admired Beuys’ work. The artist cannot forget the famous abruzzese PARADISE PLANTATION also known as Defence of Nature by German Artist.

Defence of Nature, a project the German Master carried out in Italy in the last 15 years of his life thanks to the solid collaboration of Lucrezia De Domizio and the photographic lens of her husband Buby Durini first took place in the early 1970s when Joseph Beuys began to cultivate a fifteen-hectare plot of land in Bolognano (Abruzzo) destined to the planting of 7,000 bushes and trees that risked extinction: the result was the Piantagione Paradise, oParadise Plantation. On May 13, 1984, Beuys plants the first Italian oak in the Plantation, right in front of his studio: it is the beginning of the discussion “Defence of Nature,” the veritable emblem of this ambitious Abruzzese project. The Defence of Nature should be understood not just in an ecological sense; actually and more importantly it should be read in terms of its anthropological meaning: defence of man, creativity and human values, topics, more than ever before, of great interest today.

Among the planted trees there were of course olive trees, so much loved by the artist, who used them in several projects, such as Olivestone (1984).

Beuys used oil and stones related to the oil process to make artworks.

This Art Process is related to Creativity and Humanity. Humanity is interpreted in its etymology (comes from the Latin word humilitas, a noun related to the adjective humilis, which may be translated as “from the earth”, since it derives from humus (earth). This action is still very inspiring for us, especially in this moment when Nature is an even more important drive and Art is the access key to the world and the Future.

We wanted to create a new special Organic Product/Artwork made of Art and Humus.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crucial in Italy as Art is.

This is why we combined them both and we conceived OLIO D’ARTISTA.




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