Ode to Nature

Ode to Nature

September 6, 2022  |  NEWS  |  Share

THE POOL NYC in collaboration with Eye-V Gallery presents Ode to Nature, a group show aimed at the rediscovery of our spiritual communion with Mother Nature. Both Science and Religions have been falling short to explain the incredible evolution, that over the millennia, has transformed a bare Earth into a living one.

An ode is a lyric poem in a metric form, using imaginative, dignified, and sincere language to convey inspired feelings about a theme, both on an emotional and intellectual level. Poetry and Art are, and they have always been, extremely powerful means of communication, transcending historically any other media. The fourteen international artists, all with different cultural and technical backgrounds, are deeply moved by the same desire for an intimate relationship with natural elements. Using their own emotional metric, they narrate their ‘vision’ of Nature.

Vicky Aguirre, Manuela Cacciaguerra, Betta Gancia, Emanuela Gardner, Uberto Gasche, Alejandro Iglesias, Ricardo Labougle, Margarida Maia, Fernando Manso, Paola Marzotto, Silvana Muscio, Lorenzo Poli, Jasmine Rossi, and Marshall Vernet, through the powerful photographic medium, explore the mystical essence of Nature to transcend an instrumental vision of it.

The result is not merely an ‘Ode to Nature’ by humans. It reveals, holistically and on a deeper level, that the real ‘Ode’ is the one Mother Nature is dedicating continuously to Life.

“Nature celebrates Life, in all its living forms and at every given moment. That’s the incredible Love we, humans, struggle to comprehend.”


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