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Curated by John Dunbar Roake

With an Interview by Rosa Barovier Mentasti


THE POOL NYC is proud to present A Journey with LINO TAGLIAPIETRA, a solo exhibition dedicated to Lino Tagliapietra, the most important contemporary glass artist in the world today.

Lino occupies a leading position amongst great artists, professors, and mentors with pieces in international museums, important collections as a testament to his importance. 


The gallery, which has been dealing with Venetian glass for many years, wants to highlight the importance of Lino Tagliapietra in the contemporary art scene. 

Glass is used by the artist in a totally innovative way, generating extraordinary sculptures with incredible shapes, colors and textures. 

No artist before the Maestro has ever reached such a high technical and expressive level. Tagliapietra’s works remind us of the profound link between artistic talent and mastery of expression, between a vision and an absolute domination of the techniques that have been handed down for centuries in the Murano furnaces. An artist who has never given up his essence as a master craftsman – as Rosa Barovier Mentasti recalls. 


The exhibition dedicated to Lino Tagliapietra aims at reviewing the highest moments of the extraordinary career of the Murano master, also highlighting the American teaching phase, crucial for the development of the American Glass Movement Studio and a turning point for the artist’s own works. His recent works are free, showing his influences and interpretations of his long life’s experience.


Endeavor opens the exhibition, immediately throwing the visitor into the atmosphere of the lagoon, with floating boats and the colored reflections. In the other rooms you will be able to see works from the Kookaburra series, Africa, Borneo, Saba, Masai and many others, from the Seventies to the present day. 


A special interview with Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Lino Tagliapietra will be available during the exhibition. 


DATES: 17 NOVEMBER 2022 – 11 MARCH 2023


Opening Reception: 16 November: 5-9 pm

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