JAMES CASE-LEAL En Mis Ojos Inside my Eyes

JAMES CASE-LEAL En Mis Ojos Inside my Eyes

March 29, 2024  |  NEWS  |  Share

THE POOL NYC is pleased to present Inside my Eyes, a solo exhibition dedicated to the latest and the more iconic works of the American artist James Case-Leal.

In the upcoming exhibition, the artist investigates the intriguing phenomenon of afterimages: the visual distortions experienced after intense stimuli. Staring at the sun or lightning illuminating the night sky, their flashes linger in one’s vision as a result of the exhaustion of our optical nerves from excessive stimulation. The artist breaks away from traditional painting techniques, using numerous layers of spray on linen canvases stretched on wood. 

‘My entire nervous system has been overstimulated for as long as I can remember. Constant fear, anxiety, worry, even optimism have kept my nerves in a state of hyper-vigilance. I wonder if my nervous system is susceptible to the same kind of exhaustion as in my eyes. It feels like it. And if the nerves throughout my body are shutting down, I wonder how that’s distorting the way I see the world.’

James Case-Leal challenges conventional boundaries, inviting viewers into a world where reality and abstraction intertwine to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection. Through his unique perspective and ability to capture the essence of the human experience, Case-Leal’s recent artworks reveal intense introspection and a deep connection to the nature of perception itself.

These paintings relate to perception. And the unsettling awareness that everything I’ve ever seen happened inside my eyes. 

James Case-Leal
The American artist, who received a MFA from Columbia University in 2014, lives and works between New York and Beacon (NY). THE POOL NYC dedicated a solo exhibition to Case-Leal during the 2015 Venice Biennale. The artist has participated in group exhibitions at Franklin Parrasch and Marianne Boesky galleries.

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