Daniel Glaser
and Magdalena Kunz have been working together in the fine arts since the beginning of the year 2000. Their projects are installations: cinematographic sculptures and Talking Heads, large-format photographic and kinematic pictures, drawings and objects in space.
Cinematographic sculptures are created by means of video projections and look like human figures (Talking Heads). Glaser/Kunz combine sculpture, video and projections and experiment with a variety of materials.
The kinematic picture is a digital image projected onto a panel; it unfolds in time, changing imperceptibly. Viewers note the changes though the transition is elusive.

Glaser/Kunz explore social and individual issues, in particular philosophical questions, social conditions, visions and dreams.

At The Pool NYC’s 3rd personal exhibition, Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz will be presenting their most recent works. Exhibiting their cinematographic sculptures internationally, the artist couple from Switzerland have always caused great sensation. They call their figures, a mixture of film and sculpture the public often mistakes for real people, Talking Heads. In the work entitled PERFORMANCE, five performers dressed as Talking Heads rehearse a piece on the state of the world. The work JONATHAN shows a forty-something man in a rolling chair, with a leg and both arms in plaster, talking on the phone about art, artists, galleries, sales and purchases. Finally, VOICES III was created during an artist-in-residence stay of the artist duo in South Africa in 2008: six poets, wrapped in wool blankets, talk about life in the townships, formulating questions about the social and political situation in South Africa.